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News Archive
Added on 15th December 2004

All overdue news can be found in the archives. Some links may not be working.
There are currently 2 archives [Page 1 of 2].

1st December 2004
Posted by LPC-trueblues @ 4:52pm +0800GMT

The BETA Site
Thanks for visiting the site. "Under Construction Status" of the site had been move from 30% to 50%. Many things are added including downloads list, pages and links. If you encounter any broken links, you can contact me at However, keep in mind that this site is still is BETA testing. Happy visit :)

PSX Sound Track
Warzone2100 was released both in PS and PC versions. PC version is better in graphic as well as layout than PS version. However, PS version of warzone2100 contain a cool sound track that never exist in PC version's CD-ROMs. Many Warzone2100 players never heard it before and it somehow gone to waste.

Last month I extracted the music file from the PS Disc and converted it to Mp3.
You can download it at Sound Tracks or view details about differents between PS and PS version of warzone2100 at New Stuffs.
Disco_inferno had set up a new warzone2100 site at ! This site aim to feature many warzone2100 related stuffs including developments, tournament hosting, online ranking system, clan support and more... The site is currently under construction, so sit back and wait.
After months,  our German warzone2100 community have added many new features. This include a cool forum layout, online chat system, new warzone2100 files and more... The site also benefit English players by adding English News and helps. Check the site out!

Warzone Elite Force
Warzone Elite Force had released their new BecomePrey (BP) Artificial Intelligent (AI) for Warzone2100! The current version to date is BP 2.8X includes many new non-cheating scripts making AI trucks more useful, better power management, truck exchange teamwork and more brutal attacking tactics! You'll just become another Prey.


10th September 2004
Posted by LPC-trueblues @ 4:54am +0800GMT

Warzone2100 Open Source
Warzone 2100 Source Code Eidos has given permission to release the full source code to Warzone 2100 as Open Source. The source code will be released as is and without any form of support. This is a direct response to the efforts of those in the gaming community that have made an appeal via e-mail and online petitions for the source code over the years. We are happy that we can now pass this source code over to the online gaming community and give something back to the fans. More information coming soon.

Warzone2100 is finally free! I bet you guys are even happier than I am.

New Site Layout and Host
After many months of rusting, this site finally have a new layout. Thanks to kreuvf from for reminding me that, I actually have a warzone2100 site!
The old layout is still up for comparison...

This is now hosted by . Finally, got rid of those annoying ads.
Another thanks to the team!
Anybody actually notice that warzone2100 have a German community at ? I bet you guys knows it, but many dun understand a word there (there are all in German). They started an English sub forum which post English news. The site is also starting to be bilingual, with everything translated to English. Also check out the warzone2120 mod site:
Speedy just started a new English Warzone2100 site at (dun confuse it with They have their forum up and running.  The site host over 1.3 GB of files for warzone2100. If you become a member you can view all files. The files are here.


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Pivotal Games have released Warzone2100 source code. It is released with no support provided, so use at your own risk. You can find download links for the source code @ Source code page.




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