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W A R Z O N E 2 1 0 0   N  E W B I E   G U I D E  . . . If you are reading this , then you must be a newbie . . .
Newbie Guide to Warzone2100

This section provide question and answer on basic strategy related to warzone2100 game play.
We assume that you already played the tutorial and knew how to play the game.

Basic Notes:

You have to know the game well before you start playing. Failing to follow the guidelines may make you end up losing the game, or worse being identified as Newbie in online games.

Build as many factories and research facilities as you canto manufacture units and carry out research. Build derricks on any power resource you can find to get more income. Remember to build enough power generators to keep the derricks working. A command relay center maybe needed if you want to use commanders. To get a radar and design feature, you will need your command center. Also remember to upgrade your base structures with modules to increase they hit points and efficiency!

Always build with 2 to 3 trucks. Lesser trucks will waste your time while too much will waste your trucks and cause them to stuck in between buildings. Also learn to control several groups of truck by giving different build order to each group, this can speed up your overall building process. Always keep your truck protected or you'll end up without anymore trucks!

Power & Resources
Your trucks, factories and research facilities must not be idling. Try as much as you can to convert all your acquired power into usable stuff like tanks, defenses and technology. Saving your power will not do you good, this is not monopoly!

Build different kind of defenses to guard your base and oil derricks. Some weapons are effective against cyborgs, some VTOL and some ground tanks. Do not build useless defense that cannot stop enemy's units. Units should also be used to defend your base so keep them near the front line.

Artillery & Sensors
Build sensor towers and watch to keep an eye on enemy activities in an area, don't wait until its too late. Have artillery as indirect defense behind your front line. Make sure your artillery can see what they are firing by using sensors. Make sure you have Counter Batteries Radars up to detect enemy artillery position.

Attacking Units
Build specialized weapons against different enemy units. You may also use a commander to guide your ground attacking forces. Keep your factory busy, continue to manufacturing units to reinforce your unit lost. However, units created must be able to break through enemy defense. Do not create useless units. When attacking, do not place your unit too close to their targets nor do you cluster them together, as this may cause friendly fire and give an advantage to your enemy. Sending mobile artillery units as primary attack force is suicide, as they are inaccurate and inefficient against enemy tanks. Do not send units to die, knowing the strength of your enemy is important. You may want to send mobile repair units or recycle damage experience units to your advantage.

Always researching on higher technology weapons and upgrade your units body/weapons when time goes by. Mean while create units and build defense with the current technology until new ones are available. Do not wait for specific weapon to be research before creating units or building defenses. The enemy can still over run you with low technology weapons at this time. No research facilities should be idling. But do not research stuff that you do not need, know the tech tree well before committing to a game!


Newbie FAQs:

Basic Issues

1) Question: Where do I obtain basic guide on how to play the game?

Answer: You can refer to the game manual that came with the game to teach you basic stuffs such as how to build, research, manufacture, design, etc. You may also play the tutorial to learn these.

2) Question: I lost / do not have the game manual , how can I find help?

Answer: You can get the official warzone2100 guide which provide you with more in-depth walkthrough and strategy. You can also visit some warzone2100 sites or forums to seek help.

3) Question: Where do I obtain the latest game patch?

Answer: You can find all links of site to download the official patch here. The last official released game patch is Version 1.10.

4) Question: I have problem starting / getting on with the game, where do I obtain technical support?

Answer: Visit the official technical support page. You can also visit some warzone2100 sites or forums to seek help.

5) I lost / do not own a retail copy of the game. Where can I obtain a new copy?

Answer: You can obtain your retail copy of warzone2100 at your local game retail store, or here for links to buy warzone2100 in the internet. You can also download a full copy of warzone2100 here.

Online Issues

6) Question: How do I play warzone2100 online?

Answer: You need to download Gamespy Arcade. Follow the instructions to get to the warzone2100 lobby and start an internet game. You can also read the Online Rules page for more information on online play.

7) Question: What is skirmish game?

Answer: In skirmish, you play offline as one play versus AI. Skirmish game uses official AI bot built by Pumpkin Studios. However, this bots are regard as to easy or give "no challenge" to professional warzone2100 players. You can find a list of stronger fan made AI scripts at the Mod section.

8) Question: How do online game differ from skirmish game.

Answer: First of all, in online game you play against human players while in skirmish you play against AI. Secondly, gaming experience will definitely change when you switch from skirmish play to online play. You can also read the Online Rules page for more information on online play.

9) Question: Why do people play only high oil flat maps in online game?

Answer: Flat maps (TeamWar, NewTeamWar, etc.) are high oil maps. Each play start off with all power resources they need. This game rules normally favor players who like to rush. You can also read the Online Rules page for more information on online play.

10) Question: I found that online host normally do not allow VTOLs, MobArty and halfs. Why?

Answer: Its just game rules. But these 3 rules have become popular ones used by online players. You can read the Online Rules page for more information on online play.

11) Question: I heard that there are some tricks on warzone2100 game play. Where can I learn them?

Answer: You can refer to the online tips & tricks page which can teach you more about these. You can also visit some warzone2100 sites or forums to seek help.

12) Question: How do I play in online game so that I can win?

Answer: Its all about game experience. You can read the Online Rules page for more information on online play. Remember to browse the pages located at the left links menu of this page.

Modification Issues

13) Why is there a patch for version 1.11 and 1.12 ? Isn't Version 1.10 the final?

Answer: Yes, version 1.10 is the last official patch release by Pumpkin Studios. Patch version 1.11 and 1.12 are "fan made" patches by NEWST, pumpkin-2 or RTS.

14) What is a Modification (Mod) ? Where can I download then?

Answer: Mods are generally fan made scripts that alter the original game play. You can find list of Mods at the Mod downloads page.

15) I'm sick with those official maps. Where do I find new maps?

Answers: You can find list of sites that host maps here. You can also download the Warzone2100 Official Map editor to make your own.


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Pivotal Games have released Warzone2100 source code. It is released with no support provided, so use at your own risk. You can find download links for the source code @ Source code page.




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