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Warzone2100 Related Sites


The Official Site

Pumpkin Studios. This was the official Site of Warzone2100. The website no longer exist ever since the pumpkin studios closed. This link remains here to give respect to the original creator of the great game, Warzone2100.

The official Site of Warzone2100. do not work anymore. The working link is now . This site provide information on warzone2100.

Pivotal Games are formed by some of the members of the original pumpkin studios. They are now making First Person Shooter (FPS) games.

Pumpkin-2 is formed by a group of dedicated programmers try to improve warzone2100.
They wrote the Free Warzone Petition, which came out to be a success.
If the above URL do not work, try .

The German Warzone2100 community. Provide game information and downloads.
English users can view the translated text in their English Sub-forum.

The new English/German Warzone2100 community by speedy. The official site for the Aiboost Mod by speedy. It also host many files for downloads. Don't confuse it with

The official site for the new Total War Zone game, which is going to be like warzone2100. This is basically another site form by the members of pumpkin-2.

Disco Inferno set up a new warzone2100 site. This site aim to feature many warzone2100 related stuffs including developments, tournament hosting, online ranking system, clan support and more... The site is currently under construction, so sit back and wait.


Resources and Tutorials Sites

This site host the largest number of warzone2100 custom maps from all over the world, including most played online maps. It webmaster is known as vtol.

This site provide advance multiplayer tactic, tech trees and tutorials on all you need
on warzone2100 by Coyote25.

The only official Czech page for Warzone2100 founded by NIKER. They are known for creating the best yet-known non-cheating AI for Warzone2100. The site is bilingual with English and Czech.

A Links collection page maintain by Karmazilla. The link turret aims to be the knot in the back of your head, that webs together all webpages on the web under the context of a game named Warzone 2100.

A French Warzone2100 site by Lordtry. The site provide information and walkthrough for the game in French. Nice layout and design, check it out!


If you are looking for forums, click here. Know of any other warzone2100 sites? please email me about it!

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Source Code


Open Source

Pivotal Games have released Warzone2100 source code. It is released with no support provided, so use at your own risk. You can find download links for the source code @ Source code page.




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