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W A R Z O N E 2 1 0 0   M U L T I P L A Y E R   S K I R M I S H   . . .
Computer Players

Computer players also known as Artificial Intelligent (AI) that are control by your CPU. An already specified orders to guide the computer players, known as AI scripts are written by either the game developer or AI scripter. Script controls AI, if the script is not good, then the AI will perform stupidly. However if the script is powerful, the AI will fight fiercely. Other factors that limit the AI's performances are your system memory and warzone2100 limit.

When you start a "One Player Skirmish" multiplayer game, you'll notice this slider bars below your player name. The number of slider bars depend on how many players does the selected map allows.
Top: Maximum AI difficulty
Middle: Moderate AI difficulty
Below: AI Disabled

The difficulty of AI depending on the amount of cheat scripts enabled. Cheats scripts are commands for the AI to spawn units, buildings, increase speed of research or get extra power at the start of the game. Due to warzone2100 limit, most (and nearly all) AI scripts uses cheat scripts to strengthen their computer players.

Following are some Artificial Intelligent (AI) that is created for warzone2100:

Official Version 1.10 AI
This version of warzone2100 AI comes together with the official 1.10 patch. To many warzone2100 players, this AI only give them few minutes of boring. This is because this AI simply fight stupidly. However, newbie may find them useful in helping them know how warzone2100 units fight.

Author: Pumpkin Studios

Official Version 1.04 AI
This version of AI comes together with the official 1.04 patch. Many players find this AI more challenging due to its aggressive VTOL attacks. However, expect some bugs when playing with this AI.

Author: Pumpkin Studios

BecomePrey AI
This is the only AI out there in the internet that totally does not depend on cheat script. Enabling cheat scripts with this AI will bring you more chaos. BecomePrey make use of scripts to not only fight cleverly and effectively but also on resource gathering. These makes it very CPU intensive. BecomePrey AI is specially designed for KICK mod.

Author: NIKER, Warzone Elite Force

Water AI
Water AI is simply an AI mod for warzone2100. In water AI, all AI units are hovers designed to fight in water maps. Water AI start off with some free units given to them, so be careful of early attacks and remember to set up early defense.

Author: Toman, Pumpkin-2
Website: http://www.

Genghis Khan AI
Genghis Khan (GK) AI change the way AI build their base and how they search for power resource. GK concentrate their factories a a specific area, outside the base and near the front line to prevent units trapped between base structures in many other AIs. GK manufactures heavy tracked tanks mainly heavy cannons and Lancers.

Author: Toman, Pumpkin-2
Website: http://www.


More AI description will be added soon. You can download these AI scripts here.

Any comments or corrections please email me.
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Pivotal Games have released Warzone2100 source code. It is released with no support provided, so use at your own risk. You can find download links for the source code @ Source code page.




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