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W A R Z O N E 2 1 0 0   O N L I N E   G A M E P L A Y   P O L I T I C   . . .
Online Rules
This section tells you what how people play in multiplayer online (Gamespy Arcade). If you are new to Warzone2100 you may read the Newbie Guide first.

Warzone2100 was made to allow multiple strategy play including usage of many different type of attacking units, way of attack and defense strategy. Choice of weapons and strategy were also very important for your success in multiplayer online games. However, when time goes by, people start to be frustrated and forget about the original game style of warzone2100. Lots of online Wazone2100 gamers started to win through speed, which gave birth to the making and playing of high oil and flat maps online play.

If someone host a low oil maps, nobody will join.

High oil Battles in flat maps:

Examples of High oil Maps:
TeamWar, New TeamWar, UltimatePower, UltimatePower, etc.

In high oil maps, you do not scout for oil. Power management is also not important. You need to know the tech tree well and be fast. You need to also know how to manage and group your attacking units to achieve victory. Please refer to Online Tips and Tricks Section for detail.

Every player start with at least 30 oils in their base. Everything are in the base, so nobody has to protect their external resource outpost. Its scary to see how players attack. No terrain, no obstacle, nothing... All about speed. Fun?


Please Observe some of the common rules used in online play:




1 No VTOLs

Commonly used

Usage of VTOLs are not allowed. VTOLs are nuisance to many dedicated rusher or defender. It can stop columns of ground units and batteries of artilleries in a few rounds of strikes. Usage of VTOLs somehow prevented many rush and took down defenses in just few minutes. Many online players are not used to VTOLs and thus do not allow others use it to prevent possible threat. With VTOLs taken away Warzone2100 became a land, Sea and artillery only battle. Being fast in producing units and artillery become the only key to win.

2 No Halfs / No Dummies

Commonly used

No half built structure allowed. Basically, a Warzone2100 bug made artillery target half-built structures (Fake structures that do no function). Since player cannot control their stationary batteries, artilleries continue to fire on enemy's half-built structures and not the main base or defense structures. This is a very good but wicked strategy if not banned. The banning of controllable Mobile artillery penalize themselves, which cause the banning of Half-built. The key of this structures is that they cost nothing to build them!

3 No Mobile Arty

Commonly used

No Mobile Artillery allowed. Mobile Artilleries are artillery turrets (Howitzers, Rockets and Mortars) mounted on vehicles. This artillery can be built first in a mass (not firing so as to prevent enemy CB fires) and then set out on bombardment on enemy stationary batteries, thus clearing many defenses and artilleries. Mobile Artilleries are used for attacking, so a column of Mobile artillery can simply advance near to enemy base in a far range and take out fortifications easily. This is because stationary artilleries required trucks to build them, and trucks are easily destroyed or stopped. This rule was made to let artillery stay on defenses and not offensive. But guess what? Stationary artillery can be used as offensive too.

4 No Cyborgs

Commonly used but normally not specified.

No Building of cyborgs is allowed. Its common sense that to win at high oil battles in online games, you have to maximize your number of units while mixing of variety of units are not require. Cyborgs are cheap but slow and have low hit points, so you do not build cyborgs to weaken your attacking force. Remember, there is a limit on how many units you can build.

5 No Truck Rush

Rules for long game


Building of defense structure in enemy base forbidden. Your truck do not cross the center of the map. Imagine that when you are building units for an assault on enemy base and end up being locked up in your own base area. Building of defense near enemy base occurs at early stages or in very long game. Doing so at early stages are considered "Truck Rush".

6 Build Time / No Early Rush

Rules for long game


No crossing center link before the Build Time (BT). This Rules are hardly used. However for slower player, build time are given (5 - 10 minutes). Before the build time, no units may cross the center line of the map. Its somehow useless since, after the time is up, the faster player will still sent his/her units and attack the enemy. However, for slower play who can build up to enough units maybe able to hold up the enemy's attack. People who want long game will always specify a build time. This rule also prevent early truck rush from enemy.

7 Limits on

Commonly used

Limits is a mod that increase the maximum number of base structures you can build. With limits on, you can build up to 7 research centers, 17 power generators and 50 oil derricks. Its important to know whether the host set "limits on" as it is required only be the host and you may not know whether is it enabled or disabled. If disabled, you can only build 5 research centers, 5 power generators and 30 oil derricks.

8 No Newbie / Professionals Only

If you are a newbie, the host don't welcome you. The host is most likely an experience or professional player who want some challenge instead of a boring game with a newbie. It also makes you sick when in a team battle, when you discovered that your teammate is a newbie. Imagine someone mounting an AA gun on a tiger track and wondering why it don't fire.

Rules are set when the host do not benefit from them, and thus disallowing them to avoid possible threat. These rules however, restricted many original warzone2100 features. If you happen to join a game with the host stating full of weird rules, quit or risk unexpected tactics.

Some rules are common sense, like No cheating. Warzone2100 cheating involves the "time hack". This make your research, manufacturing and unit speed much faster than other players. Cheaters are not welcomed, so don't be one of them.

NOTE: It is important to find out from the host what the rules are before starting the game to avoid confusion, which may end up spoiling the entire game.


Any comments or corrections please email me.
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